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Providing learning quality for over three decades
We offer programs for three and four year old children
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Roman Catholics believe that our spiritual journey begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This site offers spiritual pilgrims a place to explore the way Catholics find Jesus in the Gospels. Click on the icon above.

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The Diocese of Rochester and the Gates Catholic Community is committed to the safety and well-being of our youth and vulnerable adults.  In ensuring this safety and well-being the diocese has created a mandatory workshop and background check for any adult having direct contact with our youth and vulnerable adults.  The two hour workshop, “Creating a Safe Environment” and subsequent confidential background check is provided at no charge to any adult wishing to assist directly with our youth and vulnerable adults. Please contact the Parish Office for further information. 

For  Directions
Holy Ghost Church
250 Coldwater Road
Rochester, NY 14624
email: gholygho@dor.org
Phone: 585-247-3535

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To St Helen Church
310 Hinchey Road
Rochester, NY 14624
email: rsthelen@dor.org
Phone: 585-235-1210

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For Directions
To St. Jude Church
4100 Lyell Road
Rochester, NY 14606
email:  asaintju@rochester.rr.com
Phone: 585-247-4322

In God's Hands
Gates Catholic Community
Holy Ghost, St. Helen, St. Jude

In God's Hands
Gates Catholic Community
Holy Ghost, St. Helen, St. Jude

Holy Ghost Church

Mass Times:
8:30 & 10:30AM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

St. Helen Church

Mass Times:
11:30AM Vietnamese Mass
 Tuesday & Thursday

St. Jude Church

Mass Times:
Mon and Fri 9AM
Thurs - Noon

Holy Ghost Memorial Mass  - Tuesday, November 4 at 7PM
All family members are invited to attend this mass in honor of all those who have died this past year.  A memorial candle will be available for each family and a collage of photos will be displayed on the bulletin board at the rear of the church throughout November.  If you would like to have your loved one’s photo included,  please send a photo with the person’s name  to the office before October 27.  Please, also include a self  addressed stamped envelope so that the picture can be returned to you at the end of November. 

St. Helen Memorial Mass - Thursday, November 13 at 7PM
Our mass of remembrance is celebrated in memory of all the loved ones who have passed away in the last year.  However, time does not take away the memory of someone who has gone before us.  Anyone who has experienced loss is welcome to take part in this celebration.  There will be a reception after mass.  Punch and cookies will be served.

St. Jude Memorial Mass - Monday, November 3 at 7PM
Please plan to attend this special Mass that celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed within this past year.  A reception will follow in the gathering area.  We would appreciate anyone’s help in bringing baked-goods to share at the reception. 

If you would like to register at one of our churches, please click on "Register", print out the regisration form and then drop it in the mail or the collection basket at any weekend mass.

Pastoral Staff 

Pastor ~ Fr. Mike Schramel 
x 101     schramel@dor.org
Parochial Vicar ~ Fr. Jim Hewes  
x105     fhewes@dor.org
VCC Priest ~ Fr. Leo   

x137     fhuyen@dor.org

Deacon Patrick Shanley   
x119    patrickshanley@rochester.rr.com

Deacon Mike Zuber
x119    mpz@rochester.rr.com

Pastoral Associates
Sr. Barbara Baker, MHSH
x143     sbaker@dor.org
Ron McMillan 
x139     rmcmillan@dor.org

Michelle Peter 
x138    mpeter@dor.org

Faith Formation
Sr. Barbara Baker, MHSH 
x143   sbaker@dor.org

Debbie DiFilippo 
x141    ddifilippo@dor.org
Rose Dunning 
x140   rdunning@dor.org

Youth Ministry
Rose Dunning 
x140   rdunning@dor.org

Liturgy and Music
Sr. Barbara Baker, MHSH
x 143   sbaker@dor.org

Shirley Curatolo, Liturgy 
x109    scuratol@dor.org
Ron McMillan,  Liturgy 
x139    rmcmillan@dor.org
Marisa DeMario, Music for St. Jude
247-4322  mdemario@dor.org

Craig Kemp, Music - 247-4322
Lisa Lancia, Music for St. Helen 
247-4322  rlanciajr@rochester.rr.com 

Office Staff
Sandy Bleier, Business Manager  
x104      sbleier@dor.org
Peggy Brown, Secretary 
x100      pbrown@dor.org

Jackie Feeney, Secretary  
x102      jfeeney@dor.org

Susan Hosie, Bookkeeper 
x108     shosie@dor.org
Debbie Sumner, Secretary  
x107     dsumner@dor.org


Gates Catholic Community
4100 Lyell Road
Rochester, NY 14606

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